The 2015 Blues Blast Music Award Nominations Information

The Blues Blast Music Awards honor contemporary Blues artists and their recordings. Artists with major labels and indie artists are eligible to be considered.

The eligibility period for specific recordings is music released from May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015. Categories such as Male Blues Artist, Female Blues Artist, Blues Band and the Rising Star Award are not tied to these specific dates but instead are based on our nominators recent observations of performances of touring artists over the past year.


Contemporary Blues Album Traditional Blues Album
Soul Blues Album Rock Blues Album
Acoustic Blues Album Live recording Of The Year
New Artist Debut Album Historical or Vintage Recording
Male Blues Artist Of The Year Female Blues Artist Of The Year
Blues Band Of The Year Sean Costello Rising Star Award

How To Send Your Releases To The Blues Blast Music Awards Nominators

We begin accepting submissions from labels and artists on March 1st. If the BBMA nominators do not know about your release, they can’t nominate it. 

Artist do not necessarily have to submit their releases to be considered but any that do will have their recordings screened by the nominators.  (Our Nominators can’t nominate something they haven’t heard!)

We have 30 nominators so you need to send 30 individual copies to the address below before April 15th, 2015. Any received after that date may not get sent to the nominators.

NEW FOR 2015

For 2015, there is a $10 charge to have your music sent to the 30 nominators. We hated to do this but it is outrageously expensive to send boxes of CDs to our nominators. Your check of money order must accompany your submission. This $10 charge is for each recording submitted, not for each copy ot the recording! So if a label sends in 30 copies for three of their artists releases, it would be $30Pleease make checks payable to Blues Blast Magazine. 

You must include one copy of the submission form for each recording . Please CLICK HERE and print a copy of the submission form. Please fill out a separate copy of this submission form for each recording submitted. (Only one copy is needed per recording!)

Fill it out with all the details and include ONE COPY in the box with each submission. It is recommended that you send the submissions First Class Mail and include delivery confirmation in your mailing to be sure we receive your submission. CD’s received after April 15th, 2014 may not reach the nominators so hurry and get your submissions in today!

Nominators begin returning their nominations May 1st and final nominations will be announced after May 31st, 2015. Fan voting Begins in July.

Save The Date

The awards ceremonies, including announcement of the winners and performances by the nominees, will be held on Friday September  25th, 2015 in Champaign, Illinois so reserve the date now!

Mailing Address For Submissions

2015 Blues Blast Music Awards
P.O. Box 721
Pekin, Illinois 61555